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I don't know where to begin. Maybe with what I'm feeling right now.
Right now I'm pissed off, but even more than that I feel betrayed, decieved and robbed of something that should be ours.

Now you could say it's only my disappointment as fan of the German national squad speaking here - and maybe that's the biggest part - but I also, after all considering, re-thinking and calming down, I still feel - no - I'm sure that the outcome of this match was not as it should have been.

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Cheer up, boys! I'll love you forever for what you did for all of us!!!

Our Mannschaft will always have a place in my heart because never before have I enjoyed this game as much as during this world championship. Never before have I felt so touched and proud to be a part of this, to be a part of Germany (that has proven to be a wonderful, friendly and hospitable host), to call these wonderful people MY team. It broke my heart to see some of them cry, like Ballack and Odonkor.

And last but not least: It's better to lose with dignity than to win with cheap tricks.

Good Night everybody, I'm going to cry myself to sleep now (after I finished one or two or 20 more beers)
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OH MY GOD! I'm sooooo fucking happy. I simply can't beliebe how incredibly awesome our team played. And Lukas! Woah, 2 goals in a row in such a short time. AWESOME! OMG OMG OMG!!! *does another happy dance* I'm sooooo happy! :D

Okay, I will try to at least write something useful, lol.

I went to a public viewing in Mainz, they counted 30.000 people there if I don't remeber it wrong. So you can guess that it was veeeery crowded, but lucky us (me and 4 friends) were pretty close to the screen, so we could see everything perfectly well.

At first I was still a little scared that Germany could lose, but after the first 3 minutes and Poldis first goal, and then especially after the second in the 13th minute it was pretty clear that the German team ruled the match. They had the ball like what? over 60 % of the time, everything worked just perfectly. The defense was awesome (although there wasn't that much to do for them, hehe), the midfield too, and omg... our two strikers *siiiighs* Miro hat a little bad luck today I guess, but he did fine. Schneider really impressed me today with the 'duel situations' (is that the right term in english?). I felt a little sorry for Ballack, though, because he desperately tried to score and just couldn't.

But ah well, it was an extremely good match, and I can only agree with Ballack who said "There's nobody we have to hide from." Absolutely right. I wouldn't even say that Argentina or Spain are better. Right now I really do believe that THIS incredible team can make it work. They can be champions. They really can. Who would have thought that after all the critizism they had to endure after the friendship game against Italy... or even still after the game against Costa Rica? Now they all seem so motivated, so absolutely in tune with each other. This team is just perfect harmony! *siiighs again* :)

Awww, and did you see who first ran to assist Schweinsteiger when he fell down? Awww. Just awww! :)

So, after this orgasmic experience of watching that game *g* we headed for that fair I wrote about yesterday... but I heard and saw all the cars with their flags and wanted to drive around too, so I hurried back to my car (about 1,5 kilometres - ouch, my feet!) and drove around for like an hour or something. OMG! The streets just were one giant party. People with flags everywhere, honking cars *g*... There was one guy who was COMPLETELY naked, just wearing a German flag, walking in front of my car for a couple of minutes, hehe... quite a cute butt ;) (he had fixed the flag in the back and it flew up from time to time *g*)

After my thumbs hurt from all the horn honking and my engine reached dangerous temperatures I drove back home....
Oh, and on my the way to my car I walked past a car where they played that horribly stupid but at the same time just great song. I immediately downloaded it when I got home hehe *g*


GOLDI POLDI HALLELUJAH! Es gibt einen Fußballgott!!!
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So it happened. Czech Republic lost against Italy - as expected, many would say. I still had high hopes, though, and they were shattered today when the Czech team simply could not score against Italia.

Remembering the excellent first match against the USA I simply cannot begin to understand how things could have gotten so fucked up for my fav team (or second fav... well, I don't make a difference between Czech and Germany... didn't. Cookie? ).

Maybe it really was due to Koller's absence from the past two matches, and Baros still not being able to play. He did try today, but he certainly wasn't going strong as he's been pausing for too long. And the Czech team tends to get very insecure if things don't turn out as planned. Instead of fighting and trying to make the best of their situation they just give up! Or so it seemed today.

Certainly they also had shit loads of bad luck. We've already covered Koller's and Baros' injuries; then Ujfalusi got the red card, and so the Czech defense was missing one of its most important players.
I also think Brückner made some really bad decisions, such as selecting Stajner who - pardon my czech - plays like hovno (which means shit)!! He pretty much lost the ball every time he got it, made more bad passes than I've seen in any other match in this championship and even moved more slowly than Ronaldo. Bad, bad choice. Another bad choice was putting up only one forward. No matter how hard Nedved tried in the midfield - and damn was he good today! - as soon as the ball ended up in the Italian goal area Baros was all alone there and simply could not hold his ground.

Italy on the other had had lots of good luck. In the first half the Czech clearly dominated the field, had the ball most of the time, but they just weren't able to score. Italy then had some real good goal chances and fucked them all up. Only after their somewhat lucky corner kick they got better because the Czech were simply demotivated. I know that's no excuse. A team - especially if everything depends on this one match - should absolutely not stop fighting, but that's what they did. They just gave up.
Then Polak got the red card, and so the the 2:0 was pretty much preassigned.

And there endeth the tale. Italy wins and Czech Republik has to leave the WC and go back home. I cannot even begin to express how sad, disappointed and depressed I am. I think numb describes my mood best :(

The only thing that's left to say is:

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So... this is my first entry in my new (and still kinda boring-looking) LJ.
I guess it'll take some time until I've figured everything out, but well... design isn't everything ;)

Right now I'm using the German colors for my LJ (yeah, very creative, d'uh!) 'cause I'm so totally in love with our team right now! Didn't they do an awesome job the past three matches? I think they did - despite all the typical German critisism (I sometimes really hate the way Germans are NOT able to just be happy and say something positive).

I'm a little scared about Saturday, though. I do think our team has a good chance in winning against Sweden - although I would've prefered us playing against England - but well, you can never know. *crosses fingers and prays to all Gods and Goddesses she knows*

Oh, and praying is my next cue... Today my other fav team will have its most important game of this championship: Czech Rebublic HAS to win against Italy today if they don't want to drop of this championship.

Being half Czech (my mom was born in Prague) I'm almost as excited about that team as about Germany. So, y'all can imagine how well I slept last night.... Only some fantasizing about Schweinski managed to give me a wee bit of warm and fuzzy feelings in the stomach *laughs* Err.... okay. Change of topic.

I still don't know whether Baros will be playing today. Last thing I read was that the doctors aren't sure yet, so it might be a last minute decision.

I surely wanna see him sweat again ;)

*drools a bit... and then reminds herself that she's at the office and should at least pretend to be working* *coughs*

Anyway.... so... I have to clue how I'll get over this already f***ed up day if Cesko loses today, but at least I'll still have Germany to put all my hopes in.

So, I guess this is enough for my first entry ;) Still have to all the userpic-uploading and design-improving and whatever else there's to do. Oh... right... and pretending to work ;)


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